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Engineering Notes

Notes shared here are only for educational purpose. The notes given here are neither our property nor we are responsible for any copyright issue.
The links shared here are found on internet if any copyrights owner want to claim to remove it then he/she welcome to inform us.

FE- First Year of Engineering Notes

1) Applied Chemistry -I (SEM – I) TECH-MAX book.pdf—–>HERE
2) Applied Mathematics II – Vidyalankar class notes.pdf—–>HERE
3) BEE (SEM-I) S.K. Sadguru’s Aca.pdf–—>HERE
4) Computer Programming – I (SEM – I).pdf–—>HERE
5) COMPUTER PROGRAMMING – II (SEM – II) Vidyalankar..pdf–—>HERE
6) Communication Skills (Sem-II) Tech Max Common to all Branches book—-->HERE

1) Digital Logic Design and application (S.E comp IT EXTC Instru) Prof. Magar–    Vidyalankar class notes.pdf
2) Discrete Structures (S.E) Notes General question Vidyalankar class.pdf
3) Distributed Computing( HAND WRITTEN notes )( Sem-VIII )-Amar Panchal-Comput IT .pdf
4) Distributed Computing (Tanishka Acadamy-Prof-Avinash).pdf
5) Distributed Computing B.E. (Set-1 and 2) Prof.Anvish Vidyalankar class notes.pdf
6) Distributed Computing Sem-VIII (Prof.Amar Panchal) Excellent Academy of eng.pdf
7) DSF-data structure and files and analysis- DSA (SEM – III) Part 1 Comp, I.T Sadguru’s classes.pdf
8) DSP-digital signal processing (Amar Sir) Panvel class notes.pdf
9) DSP-DTSP-discrete time signal processing1 & 2 (Sem-VII) Sadguru class.pdf
10) Control System Engineering EXTC-INSTRU(SEM – III) Vidyalankar class notes.pdf
11) CS and TVE comm sys (Savio) Venkatesh class.pdf
12) CSM –computer science and mathematics(Sem-VII) (Prof.G.K.)Excellent Academi of eng.pdf
13) CSM-computer science and mathematics B.E. (Sem-VII) Prof. Sumeet Deshpande Kalpana Aca..pdf
14) C.A.P.S.A – (SEM – VII) Elec.pdf
15) C.S.comm sysyte, (Sem-VI) Chopra Academy.pdf
17) CCN & DCN (Sem-VIII) Etrx-electronics. Prof. Biju.pdf
18) CCN-computer comm networks (Hand Written) (SEM-VIII) EXTC.pdf
19) COA (Sem-IV)(CMPN,IT) Prof.Priyesh Shah.pdf
20) computer communication networks & data communication & networking sem VIII
21) Computer Graphics Prof. Sachin tanishaka Classes.pdf
22) Computer Graphics (Sem-VI) Godse-(Technical Publications).pdf
23) Computer Graphics(Hand Written).pdf
24) Computer Networks (T.E) Vidyalankar class notes.pdf
25) Computer Networks Simplified – Sushil Chandramani (NANDU PUB book.pdf)
26) Computer Organisation & Architecture – Chopra Academy.pdf
27) Computer Organisation & Architecture (S.E) – Vidyalankar.pdf
28) Computer Organization & Architecture (SEM – III) CMPN – Vidy
29) Computer Programming (SEM – II) Rajesh Bothraa’s..pdf
30) Computer Networks Simplified – Sushil Chandramani (NANDU Publications).pdf
31) EDC-electronics devices and circuit set-I (Sem-III) Comp. – Sadguru (Prof. Vakil).pdf
32) EDC-electronic devices and circuit-I (Electronics) R.R.Classes (Sem-III) Prof.R.R.pdf
33) Electronics devices & Linear Circuits (SEM- III) S.E (CMPN) – Vidyalankar-class notes.pdf
34) Image Processing instru-comp(SEM – VII) Comp – I.T. Vipul Dalal.pdf
35) Image Processing (Set 1 & 2) (SEM – VII) Kalpana Classes-notes .pdf
36) Image Processing Instru-EXTC-IT-COMP(Set 1-2-3) (SEM – VII) Kalpana Classes Prof.S.Deshpande.pdf
37) IMAGE PROCESSING – Hand Written – Sujata Pudale notes.pdf
38) Mechatronics -mechanical(SEM – VIII ) IRFAN.pdf
39) Mechatronics, Directional Control Valves (Hand Written)-mech Sem-VIII.pdf
40) Mechtronics Hand Written) Sem-VIII-mech old.pdf

1) Advance Database Management System (B.E) Vidyalankar notes.pdf—-->HERE
2) Advance Database Management System -Vipul Dalal- (SEM- VII) Tanishka.pdf—–>HERE
3) Advanced Database Concepts Sem-VI Vipul Dalal—–>HERE
4) Advanced Databases (SEM-VI & SEM-VII)COMP-I Pareen Publication.pdf—–>HERE
5) Advanced Databases (T.E third year) Vidyalankar class.pdf—-->HERE
6) Advanced Microprocessor (SEM – VII) Computer IT PAREEN.pdf—–>HERE
7) Advanced Microprocessors (SEM – VII) Faruk Kazi notes.pdf—–>HERE
8) Advanced Microprocessors (SEM – VII) (Handwritten notes) by Faruk.pdf—–>HERE
9) Advanced Microprocessors (SEM – VII) Computer IT. Faruk Kazi.pdf—–>HERE
10) AIC (Analog_integrated_Circuit and applications) LIC (T.E) Vidyalankar part2.pdf—–>HERE
11) AIC(Analog integrated Circuit and applications) LIC (T.E) Vidyalankar part 1.pdf—–>HERE
12) AIC-LIC_Analog Integrated Circuit and appliaction|Signal Conditioning circuit design (SEM – VI) (Electronics-Instrumentation).pdf—–>HERE
13) Analysis of Algorithms-SE (Vidyalankar class notes).pdf—–>HERE
14) Antenna Wave Propagation AWP EXTC(TE) Vidyalankar class notes.pdf—–>HERE
15) AOAD analysis of algorithm and design part1 (Sem-IV) Comp Sadguru’s.pdf—–>HERE
16) Applied Mathematics -III (Computer , Electronics, IT) S.E SEM -III.pdf—–>HERE
17) Blast Furnace Iron making – A.K Biswas.pdf—–>HERE
18) BCE – Principal of COM (S.E -IT) Vidyalankar class notes.pdf—–>HERE
19) BCE- Principal of COM ( S.E) Prof.Phule.pdf—–>HERE
20) BEC – (SEM – III) Extc. Excellent Academy..pdf—–>HERE
21) D.B.M.S. Database management system (SEM IV-VI) COMP, I.T. Prof. Pankaj,Chopra Academy.pdf—–>HERE
22) Data Communication (Sem-VIII, Hand Written notes)- Amar Panchal.pdf—–>HERE
23) Data Mining (Sagar Joshi) Kalpana Acadamy.pdf—–>HERE
24) Data Network Design -3rd Edition notes.pdf—–>HERE
25) Data Network Design -Selected pages important one(3rd Edition) darren .pdf—–>HERE
26) Data Structure and Files (SEM – III) Computer IT Vidyalankar class notes.pdf—–>HERE
27) Data Structures (SEM – V) MECH-mechanical-Rajesh Bothras-notes.pdf—–>HERE
28) Data Warehousing (Sagar Joshi) Kalpana classes.pdf—–>HERE
29) Data Warehousing (SEM- VIII) IT – Computer sagar Joshi.pdf—–>HERE
30) Database management system (2nd year of engineering SEM3-4 ) comp , I.T.pdf—–>HERE
31) Database Management system- (SE-TE) Vidyalankar class notes.pdf—–>HERE
32) Database Systems-Nilkamal Surve-TachMax Publications book in pdf—–>HERE
33) DBMS-database management system (Sem-IV) Sadguru’s – Junaid A. Khateeb.pdf—–>HERE
34) DBMS database management system (SemIV,VI) Comp-I.T. – Prof. Vipul Dalal) Excellent Aca2.pdf—-->HERE
35) DCN-CCN – – Data Communication and Networking, Computer Communication networks.pdf—-->HERE
36) DCN-CCN__ Data Comm and Networking,Comp Comm & Networking—–>HERE
37) DCOM , PDC (Prof. Wali).pdf—–>HERE
38) Digital Communication (SEM – 5) Computer-I.T Prof. Biju.pdf—–>HERE
39) Digital Communication (sem V ).pdf—–>HERE
40) Digital Communication (SEM – 5)- Prof. Jejurkar’s.pdf—–>HERE

1) Micro Electronics, 2 VLSI (SEM – V,VII) Extc,Etrx-.P.K.pdf —-->CLICK HERE
2) Micro Electronics,1 VLSI (SEM – V,VII) Extc,EyrxProf .P.K.pdf —-->CLICK HERE
3) Microprocessor & Micro Controller (T.Y.Diploma) TechMax U.S.Shah.pdf–>CLICK HERE
4) MICROPROCESSOR – (SEM- V) comp,IT& Elex -Venkatesh classes..pdf —-->CLICK HERE
5) Microprocessor -II (SEM- V) comp-it-extc-instruChopra Academy.pdf —–>CLICK HERE
6) MMS Comp,IT – Prof. Rocky (Tanishka Engg. Classes notes).pdf —–>CLICK HERE
7) Mobile Computing (SEM-VII) Chopra-rinku Shah.pdf —–>CLICK HERE
8) Mobile Computing (SEM- VII)-Comp-IT-Excellent academy-Amar Panchal.pdf —–>CLICK HERE
9) Mobile Computing Simplified (SEM – VII) Comp, I.T – Nandu Printers book.pdf —–>CLICK HERE
10) Mobile,Wireless Communication(Sem-VII) Venkatesh Classes-notes.pdf —-->CLICK HERE
11) Mordern Petroleum Refining Processes B.K. Bhaskara Rao notes.pdf–>CLICK HERE
12) Multimedia Systems-MMS-Sem-VI Sadguru’s-best one.pdf —–>CLICK HERE
13) Multimedia Syatems-MMS-Sem-VI Sadguru’s.pdf —-->CLICK HERE
14) Multimedia System-MMS-Sem-VIII—sadgurus-class.pdf —–>CLICK HERE
15) Multimedia System(additional) Amar Panchal.pdf —–>CLICK HERE
16) Multimedia System-Sem-VIII-Amar Panchal-Hand Written notes.pdf —–>CLICK HERE
17) Multimedia Systems-Additional Pages-Sem-VIII-Amar Panchal-notes.pdf —-->CLICK HERE
18) Multimedia systems-Sem-VIII-Faruk-Kazi-part-2.pdf —–>CLICK HERE
19) Multimedia systems-Sem-VIII-Faruk-Kazi.pdf —–>CLICK HERE
20) Multimedia Systems-Prof. SADAF-notes.pdf —–>CLICK HERE
21) Multimedia Systems Sem-VIII (Prof. Amar Panchal) Excellent Academy.pdf —–>CLICK HERE
22) Object Orianted Analysis & Design-3rd Edition (SEM VI) COMP , I.T. J G. Muthreja,P Kulkarni-book.pdf —-->CLICK HERE
23) Object Orianted Analysis & Design-4th Edition (SEM VI) COMP , I.T. J G. Muthreja ,P Kulkarni-book.pdf —–>CLICK HERE

24) OFC (Sem-VIII) Kalpana Coaching Classes.pdf —–>CLICK HERE
25) OFC(Hand Written) (SEM-VIII) Electronics & Telecommunication.pdf —-->CLICK HERE
26) OOAD (T.E.) Vidyalankar-class(Legal).pdf —–>CLICK HERE
28) OOAD by Prof.Rocky (Tanishka Aca.)2.pdf —–>CLICK HERE
30) Operating System(Hand Written notes)-Sem-VI-Comp.pdf —–>CLICK HERE
31) Operating System-Tanishka -KK-notes.pdf —-->CLICK HERE
32) Operating Systems With UNIX (TECH MAX)book.pdf —–>CLICK HERE
33) PCS, CSE (S.E) Vidyalankar Prof. Magar.pdf —–>CLICK HERE
34) PDC,DCOM (Sem-V, Comp,IT) Prof.Wali (Tanishka Aca.).pdf —–>CLICK HERE
35) Power Electronics-instru-extc-Shekar Ghule.pdf —–>CLICK HERE
36) Power Electronics (SEM VIII) Venkatesh Classes notes.pdf —–>CLICK HERE
37) POWER ELECTRONICS (Sem-VIII)-notes Tilak College, C.V.Ghule.pdf —–>CLICK HERE
38) Power Electronics (Sem-VIII) Prof.S-Venkatesh.pdf —–>CLICK HERE
39) Power Electronics Sem-VIII, Anand Academy, Prof. P.K.pdf —–>CLICK HERE
40) Production Engineering notes – N.S.Salunke(TY Diploma).pdf —–>CLICK HERE
41) Project Management (Sem-VIII-IT)Sagar Joshi (Kalpana Aca.)-2.pdf —–>CLICK HERE
42) Project Management Sem-VIII Excellent-Sagar Joshi.pdf —-->CLICK HERE
43) Project Management(better)-SagarJoshi-TanishkaAca..pdf —–>CLICK HERE
44) RAC (SEM – VIII) Mechanical Pof. K.L’s.pdf —–>CLICK HERE
45) Robotics B.E. Sem-VIII (Prof.Faruk Kazi).pdf —–>CLICK HERE
46) Robotics Part-1(SEM – VIII) Comp, Etrx Prof. SADAF.pdf —–>CLICK HERE
47) Robotics Part-2 (SEM – VIII) Comp, Etrx Prof. SADAF.pdf —–>CLICK HERE
48) S.E (SEM – VII) comp it Prof. Junaid Khateeb – Sadguru’s.pdf —–>CLICK HERE
49) Software Engg – Sem VI – S.D.Joshi , Tech -Max.pdf —–>CLICK HERE
50) Software Engg . ((B.E CMPN).pdf —–>CLICK HERE
51) Software Engineering (Sem-VI)Sadguru’s.pdf —–>CLICK HERE
52) Software Engineering (Sem-VIII) Sadguru’s Aca..pdf —–>CLICK HERE
53) Software Testing comp – I.T (SEM- VI).pdf —–>CLICK HERE
54) sybex-network-study-guide-fourth-edition.pdf —–>CLICK HERE
55) System Security & Information security (Vidyalankar).pdf —–>CLICK HERE
56) System Security & Internet Security (Kalpana Aca.).pdf —–>CLICK HERE
57) System Security & Internet Security(Faruk Kazi)(Kalpana Aca.)2.pdf —–>CLICK HERE
58) System Security (Hand Written) Prof. G.K.pdf —–>CLICK HERE
59) System Security (Hand Written) SEM-VIII.pdf —–>CLICK HERE
60) System Security (Hand Written)(Sem-VIII)-Faruk Kazi.pdf —–>CLICK HERE
61) System Security.Information security (Vidyalankar).pdf —–>CLICK HERE
62) Systems Programming (Additional Pages)new Prof. KKK.pdf —–>CLICK HERE
63) Systems Programming Compiled by KKK.pdf —–>CLICK HERE
64) Systems Software (Tanishka Aca. Prof. Kamal).pdf —-->CLICK HERE
65) TCS- AT (Tanishka Classes ) By KKK..pdf —-->CLICK HERE
67) Theory Of Comp.Science (B.E. Computers, T.E. IT)- Abhay K. Abhyankar.pdf —–>CLICK HERE
68) TVE – CS (SEm VI) Chopra Academy Prof. Savio.pdf —–>CLICK HERE
69) VLSI (SEM – V,VII) . Prof P.K.pdf —–>CLICK HERE
70) Wave Shaping Techniques (W.S.T) Sem-IV Prof. Magar (Excellent Aca.)2.pdf —–>CLICK HERE
71) Wave Theory of light (Vidyalankar).pdf —–>CLICK HERE
72) Wireless Networks(Sem-VIII)Prof.Ranjana Kalpana Aca..pdf —–>CLICK HERE

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